IWF/V Leaders

This part of the Resource Guide will highlight information about key leaders of IWF/V along with other information about IWF/V’s role in the right-wing infrastructure.

  • Kellyanne Conway, the Trump lawyer willing to say almost anything no matter how false, whom IWF/V gave its “Woman of Valor” after she claimed lies were just “alternative facts”

  • Heather Richardson Higgins, the heir to the fortune of the U.S. drug company that distributed thalidomide and a political operative who ran ads and calls for IWV helping GOP candidates who claimed women couldn’t get pregnant from rape and that getting pregnant from rape was a “gift from God” and

  • Nancy Pfotenhauer, the former top lobbyist for Koch Industries who led both IWF and the Kochs’ Citizens for a Sound Economy/Americans for Prosperity out of the same offices.
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