The Republican Proposal for Paid Family Leave Is a Sham that Would Wreck Your Retirement —Los Angeles Times

“[The] ‘Cradle Act’ would undermine Social Security, force seniors to work longer, and carry hidden costs that wouldn’t be evident until it’s too late…. Carrie Lukas, president of the Independent Women’s Forum, a Koch-connected organization that has been pushing this plan…. She noted that the proposal might end up ‘requiring people to give up retirement benefits of greater value than the parental leave benefits they use.’ Why would that be a good thing? Because “public opinion will undergo a sea change to embrace personal accounts or other substantial Social Security reforms.” Read more from Michael Hiltzik.

The Female Face of Men’s Misogyny —Ms. Magazine

“In 1991, Ricky Silberman, Anita Blair and Barbara Kay Bracher formed a group called ‘Women for Judge Thomas’ that led the fight to discredit and silence Anita Hill. The organization … went on to become the Independent Women’s Forum… IWF recently posted an article in support of [Brett] Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court on their website—titled “Why Women Should Support Judge Kavanaugh’s Nomination”—accompanied by a Shutterstock photo of a Black woman in business attire. Considering the way IWF’s leaders treated Anita Hill, the hypocrisy of the piece is stunning…” Learn more from Carrie N. Baker.

Rubio’s Fake ‘Family Leave’ Plan Comes from a Fake Women’s Group —Think Progress

“[IWF] lobbied against then-Sen. Joe Biden’s ‘Violence Against Women Act,’ saying ‘wives instigate violence, including severe violence, against husbands more often than husbands do against wives.’ The IWF also criticized Equal Pay Day as a ‘fictitious holiday’ liberal women’s groups have manufactured to try to expose the so-called ‘wage gap,’ and opposes any legislation that will ‘convince women that society, and especially the workplace, is unfair to women.’ And the IWF assert that sexual assault on campus is an overblown issue, given that it is ‘inherently incredible’ that female college students ‘are unable to report assaults to authorities.” Find out more from Rebekah Entralgo.

Dangerous Gun Myths —the New York Times

“The debate over what to do to reduce gun violence in America hit an absurd low … when a Senate witness tried to portray a proposed new ban on assault rifles and high-capacity magazines as some sort of sexist plot that would disproportionately hurt vulnerable women and their children. The witness was Gayle Trotter, a fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum, a right-wing public policy group that provides pseudofeminist support for extreme positions that are in fact dangerous to women… [T[here is a more fundamental problem with the idea that guns actually protect the hearth and home. Guns rarely get used that way…. The cost-benefit balance of having a gun in the home is especially negative for women…. [One study] found that females living with a gun in the home were 2.7 times more likely to be murdered than females with no gun at home.” Learn more about this from the New York Times editorial board.

Meet the ‘Feminists’ Doing the Koch Brothers’ Dirty Work —the Nation

“At IWF ‘we don’t talk about abortion and gay marriage and some of those social issues that are in many ways are very alienating to women…’ [but] IWV spent $850,000 in 2014 supporting GOP Senate candidates who had a zero rating from NARAL, except for Scott Brown. And though Schaeffer specifically criticized Missouri GOP Representative Todd Akin’s “obviously offensive” remarks about “legitimate rape” to Glamour in 2013, the previous year IWV spent $67,000 to help Akin in his unsuccessful fight to unseat Senator Claire McCaskill.” Get more details from Joan Walsh.

Independent Women’s Forum: Koch-Funded Group Defends Pesticide, Oil, Tobacco Industries —USRTK

IWF “‘says it works for policies that “enhance people’s freedom, choices, and opportunities.’ In practice, the group advocates for deregulating toxic products and works to deflect the blame for health and environmental harms away from polluting corporations and toward personal responsibility.” Find out more from Stacy Malkan.*

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* Lisa Graves is on the Board of U.S. Right to Know and the Center for Media and Democracy.

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